Data intelligence and Big Data

Laura Lanzarini, PhD
Universidad Nacional de la Plata. Argentina


Technological advances have dramatically increased the capacities to generate and process data, facilitating the automation of all types of transactions (commercial, financial, governmental, industrial, educational, etc.). In recent years, the interest in analyzing them with the aim of helping decision-making has grown considerably. Data Intelligence brings together strategies capable of extracting patterns or relationships from the available information and has already given concrete samples of its value in various contexts, becoming a clear example of the evolution of computing. Through them, applications can, for example, anticipate failures in an industrial process, detect a customer's purchasing preferences or identify fraudulent business operations. These dissimilar situations have one thing in common: intelligent data analysis. The growth in the volume of information to be processed significantly increases the execution time of the algorithms for Data Intelligence. Having tools capable of analyzing large volumes of data in acceptable times is of great interest. The Conference will focus on exposing the fundamentals and applications of Intelligent Systems oriented to Big Data processing, with an analysis of the human resources and possibilities that the country has on the subject.